The Policy view displays the default access rule applied, options to create, edit, enable, disable, or duplicate custom rules, and also set the Risk adaptive protection levels.

The default access rule can be set on the Policy view. By default full permission is given as in the beginning we need to provide administrators with full visibility into user's device activities before the administrator can apply additional rules to the users.

Administrators can also create new access rules using a combination of the following conditions from the Policy view:

  • User
    • All users
    • Local users
    • User Principal Name (UPN)
    • Active Directory users
    • Active Directory groups
  • Device
    • Serial Number
    • Vendor ID (VID)
    • Product ID (PID)
  • Endpoint
    • Hostname

As part of the rule, the administrator can set the permission level and choose whether to show the user notification.

The Forcepoint Neo endpoint, reports the statistics for device activity and usage for each logged in user, to the Neo cloud.

Note: Cloud portal administrators can add new access rules for Neo device control based on the corporate policy from the policy module.