Active Directory attributes

Neo retrieves attributes from Active Directory to report user information to Dynamic User Protection. The following table displays the Active Directory attributes used in Dynamic User Protection. This information displays on the Overview panel.

  • Friendly name: The name displayed in Dynamic User Protection.
  • Attribute name: The Active Directory attribute name.
  • Example: Example usage or notes.

If certain attributes cannot be retrieved from Active Directory, the fields remain blank. This occurs in the following cases:

  • Local users
  • Users not in Active Directory
  • Active Directory attributes not in use
  • Failure to connect to Active Directory

The attribute User principal name is used as the user's name for domain users and for Windows local users if the Full name attribute cannot be retrieved. If the user is a MacOS local user, the RealName attribute is used.

Table 1.
Friendly name Attribute name Example
First name givenName Bruno
Last name sn Hale
Full name givenName + " " + sn Bruno Hale
Job title title, description Sales Manager
Office physicalDeliveryOfficeName New York Office
Street streetAddress 10 The Road
City l New York
State/Province st New York
Zip/Postal code postalCode 61441
Country name c United States
Mobile number mobile, telephoneNumber 919-444-1234
Email address mail
Department department Sales
Manager manager CN=SJobs,OU=Managers,DC=Domain,DC=Com
Manager full name Manager's givenName + " " + sn Lucia Merrill
Manager email address Manager's mail
Groups memberOf CN=Managers,OU=Sales,DC=Domain,DC=Com
User principal name userPrincipalName