Enable multi-factor authentication

When you first sign in, you will be prompted to select an authentication method.

You can choose to use SMS or an authenticator app to verify your account. Administrators can reset or revoke authentication as needed.


  1. If you are signing in to Forcepoint Neo portal for the first time, you are asked to select a password. Enter your password and click Save New Password.
    You can change your password at any time from any dashboard in the management portal.
  2. On the next panel, select SMS authentication or Authenticator app and click Next.
    Your authentication method can be changed later on the Settings dashboard.
  3. If you selected SMS authentication, enter your mobile number and click Send.
  4. When you receive the SMS, enter the code and click Sign In.
    If you did not receive the SMS, click Resend code or Enter a different phone number.
  5. If you selected Authenticator app, open your app and scan the QR code that displays.
  6. When the code displays in the app, enter the code and click Sign In.
    On your next sign-in, the code is sent to your selected authentication method after you enter your email address and password.