Use the Users dashboard to gain a high-level view of user activities in your organization.

Users dashboard displays when you sign into Forcepoint Neo portal.

Risky users: Charts the risk levels of your risky end-users over the past 30 days, 7 days, or 24 hours.
Hover over the time line to view the risk level breakdown for each day.
Time filter: Click the time filter to view the past 30 days, 7 days, or 24 hours data for all widgets on the dashboard.
Top risky users: Lists the top risky end-users in your organization, sorted by risk level and recent activity.
Click an end-user's name to access the Investigation dashboard for more detailed information.
You can also download the PDF or CSV format list of the top risky users.
Detected behavior: Displays the detected behavior of users and alerts received during the specified time frame (past 30 days, 7 days, or 24 hours).
Use the filter to view alerts either from Neo or Forcepoint DLP or both. Use the drop down to select specific risk category. Rules triggering 5 times more than average or triggering more than 75% of times per unique user are only listed.
The table on the right lists the total alerts by category and the top matched IoBs or Forcepoint DLP rules.
You can also download the PDF or CSV format list of the top detected risky behaviors.
Data movement: Displays the movement of your organization's data by destination or channel during the specified time frame.
Click Channel or Destination to filter by channel or destination. When Channel is selected, click a specific channel to view all related alerts and destinations.
You can also download the PDF or CSV format list of data movement by channel and destination.
Download: Use the Download button to access the Neo downloads for Windows and macOS.
Export to PDF: You can export the complete dashboard details to PDF.
Account: Use the Account button to view the signed-in account, change the password, or sign out.

The Users dashboard now provides links from existing widgets to the alert investigation page, providing a more cohesive alert and user story. Click the link indicating the alert count either from the Detected behavior section or the Data movement section to navigate to the Alerts tab in the Investigation view.

The Users dashboard now provides links from the Detected behavior widget to the User activity monitoring page. Click any specific IoB number from the Detected behavior section to navigate the User activity monitoring tab in the Policy view.

For users logged in as analyst, the Top risky users field will be anonymized.

Per widget details can also be exported to either a CSV or PDF format report using the icon. For more details, refer the section Export data from Forcepoint Neo portal.