Neo 22.10 Maintenance

The Neo v22.10 contains the following fixes:

  • Performance improvements implemented when handling file access on MUP or Network devices. (NEO-5169)
  • Multiple customers reported intermittent authentication prompts with Forcepoint Neo. This issue is now resolved with Forcepoint Neo filtering out all system sessions which are redirected to Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway. (NEO-5666)
  • Fixed an issue where Forcepoint Neo operating in DCEP mode was not respecting SSL decryption bypass. When the customer tried to navigate to a website that was is in their SSL decryption bypass list, they were still presented with a Forcepoint certificate message. (NEO-6658)
  • Fixed the way Forcepoint Neo endpoint used to validate the HTTPs certificate in cases where the HTTPs URL used the IP address and not the normal domain name. (NEO-7149)