Migrate from Forcepoint F1E to Neo

This procedure outlines the high-level steps needed to migrate from the classic Forcepoint F1E agents (Proxy Connect Endpoint and Direct Connect Endpoint) to Neo.

Forcepoint Web Security Cloud customers can download Neo from the Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway portal and do not need a Forcepoint Dynamic User Protection license to download and configure Neo.


  1. Download the Neo installation package from the Cloud Security Gateway portal.
  2. Remove the Forcepoint F1E agents from the endpoints.
    Note: If you have other Forcepoint F1E agents installed, such as Forcepoint DLP Endpoint, they will be removed. You will need to reinstall those agents.
  3. Restart the endpoint.
  4. Deploy Neo to your endpoints.
  5. Configure the Neo mode in the Cloud Security Gateway portal.