Install Forcepoint DLP Endpoint and Neo on an endpoint

Risk-Adaptive DLP requires both the Forcepoint DLP Endpoint and Neo agents. You can manually install the Risk-Adaptive DLP agents on your endpoints, or you can deploy it using a third-party deployment tool, such as GPO or SCCM.


  1. Install Forcepoint DLP Endpoint v20.09. For more information about installing and deploying Forcepoint DLP Endpoint, see the Forcepoint One Endpoint v20 Installation and Deployment Guide available on the Forcepoint Documentation site.
  2. Install the Neo endpoint agent.


Forcepoint DLP Endpoint and Neo are installed on the endpoint. When both Forcepoint DLP Endpoint version 20.09 and Neo are installed together on an endpoint machine, they share a single Forcepoint icon on the Windows system tray. The Neo icon is not available, because the Neo system information is available under the Forcepoint One Endpoint Diagnostics tool.

Next steps

After Forcepoint DLP Endpoint and Neo are installed and configured, enable Risk-Adaptive DLP in Forcepoint Security Manager.