Two types of users have access to the Dynamic User Protection management portal: administrators and analysts.

The Settings dashboard shows the administrators and analysts configured for your service. Use this page to add or remove users and to update user details. Only administrators have access to the Settings dashboard.
  • Administrator: Has full access to the management portal. An administrator is responsible for making administrative changes to the service, and managing devices and other users.
  • CSG administrator: Has access to Endpoint dashboard and can create, view, and manage CSG Help desk users. Also, CSG administrator can view and modify all settings and configurations except for settings related to user activity monitoring and device control.
  • Analyst: Has limited access to the management portal. An analyst can use the Investigation dashboard to view and analyze user activities and risk levels. An analyst cannot manage devices or other users, or update Forcepoint Neo.
  • Helpdesk: Has limited access to the management portal. An help desk can use the dashboards and endpoint management to view and control the endpoints, generate release code and download the Forcepoint Neo endpoint installer.
  • CSG Help desk: Has access to the Forcepoint Neo endpoint tab to download older versions of ForcepointNeo and generate master release code. But CSG Helpdesk cannot modify settings for over the air updates.