In the Users panel, you can view per user details on risk level, most recent activity, alerts, and also other details.

Risk: Displays the risk level of the user.
User: Displays the name of the end-user. Click a specific user name to view the time line of user alerts and display the User insights panel.
Top Categories: Displays the top category in which the user had the most alerts. Click on the + icon to see full breakdown of the categories.
Total alerts: Displays the total number of alerts for the user.
User type: User can be a domain user or a local user.
Column selector: Used to configure which columns to display in the table. Risk and User always display in the table; all other columns can be hidden.
Search: Allows you to find a specific user by their name.

User activity details can also be exported to a CSV report using the icon. For more details refer the section Export data from Forcepoint Neo portal.