Audit log

An audit trail is a security-relevant chronological set of records that provide documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have affected at any time a specific operation, procedure, or event done by the Neo cloud portal administrators, analysts, and helpdesk users.

Audit log records are stored for 6 months on the management portal.​

Some events that generate audit log include:​ create, edit, or delete of a new user, password change​, generation of master, endpoint, or bypass release code​, deleting an endpoint​, exporting data​, changes to OTA update configurations​, changes to device control policy​ etc.

Date: Specifies the date the event occurred.
Category: Specifies the event category.
Event: The event that caused the audit log generation.
Description: Event detailed description.
User: User responsible for the action.
Role: The role assigned to the user.
Download Neo: Allows for downloading the latest Forcepoint Neo version, and also navigate to the Neo endpoint download page if the administrator wishes to install a previous Neo version.
Export to CSV: Allows for exporting the audit log data to a CSV file.