Forcepoint Neo Platform

Forcepoint Neo is a cloud-managed, highly efficient endpoint monitoring platform that runs on Windows and macOS.

The Forcepoint Neo endpoint platform has the following modules supported:

  • Web control: The Web control, acts as a local proxy at the endpoint, that sends the web traffic to the Forcepoint Cloud Security Gateway. It can be used in either the proxy connect mode or direct connect mode and supports intelligent auto switching between the modes.
  • User Activity Monitoring: The user activity monitoring (UAM) solution is designed to alert organizations of risky user behavior, so critical data can be protected thereby reducing the risk associated with insiders. The solution collects user behavior and Forcepoint DLP incidents (through Enterprise DLP endpoint integration) then computes the user’s risk using Forcepoint Indicator of Behavior (IOB) analytic models. This risk score is actively communicated to DLP endpoint to automate policy enforcement based on the risk level.
  • Device Control: The Device control monitors and controls the device activities in the organization, and provides information about file transfers to and from removable storage devices by the end users. The Neo Device Control is a measure of the protection that restricts user access to removable storage devices to allow, read only,and block. Administrators can create access rules for controlling use of removal storage devices on endpoints by using a combination of device, users, and endpoints.

Features and benefits of the Forcepoint Neo platform

  • Cloud managed: Neo is a fully SaSS solution and can be accessed from everywhere etc.
  • Endpoint Management: View and manage Neo endpoints from the cloud. Provides detailed endpoint health-check status, web connection mode (PCEP\ DCEP\ Fallback) and system information. In addition, diagnostic data is available when issues are found automatically on the endpoint to reduce the time to collect data from the endpoint and thereby it makes troubleshooting easy for the IT departments.
  • Over the air updates: Easy and automatic upgrade process to future releases. No dependencies on 3rd party tools. No reboot is required when freshly installing ForcepointNeo or when upgrading from an older version.
  • Centralized dashboards: View user, device, and endpoint statuses, generate reports etc.