New and Changed Features

Feature Short description

Forcepoint ONE integration with Forcepoint DLP

This release contains support for the Forcepoint Security Manager unified policy to be applied to the Forcepoint ONE Web and CASB channels in addition to the Endpoint and Email channels.

Note: This feature requires the upcoming Forcepoint ONE release.
Policy Management RBAC read only role Addition of a new read-only role to the Role Based Access Control functionality. This feature allows customers to segregate roles and responsibilities in the Forcepoint Security Manager into users that can modify policies and rules, users that can only view policies and rules and users that are restricted from viewing policies and roles.
Customized Endpoint pop-ups

Options have been added to support the customization of the coaching dialogs.

This feature requires the upcoming Endpoint release.

Inline Proxy support

Options have been added to support the configuration of the Endpoint inline proxy capability.

This feature requires the upcoming Endpoint release.

Policy Import/Export This feature allows the user to export and import the policies. This feature can be used to transfer policies from one Forcepoint Security Manager to another.
Deploy API This feature adds the deploy capability to the Export and Import API released in 9.0 enabling the user to apply changes after an import.
Update of the common diseases list Update of the Common Diseases list to cover various Covid strains and other information.
EDM Scaling

This feature greatly increases the limit on the maximum number of cells that can be fingerprinted and the performance of fingerprint detection.

The limit depends on the amount and type of data being fingerprinted.
Note: This feature requires EDM standalone fingerprinting tool that is available only on demand.